Beautiful Day

by Peter Janson (& Friends)

© Copyright 2006 by Peter Janson, BMI - Eastern Woods Music / Eastern Woods Music Records (881144101125)

Signed CD: $19.98

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A gorgeous world-fusion of acoustic guitar, exotic hand percussion, acoustic and electric bass, piano and synthesizers, and voices. Subtle virtuosity.

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For this album, American fingerstyle guitarist Peter Janson chose to record with a variety of world-class musicians from a variety of musical genres – Jamie Bonk (Smooth Jazz Canada “Guitarist of the Year” nominee); Steve Hunt (keyboardist with Freddie Hubbard, Stanley Clarke, Alan Holdsworth); John Lockwood (bassist with Pat Metheny, Dizzy Gillespie, Boston Pops); Raymond Gonzalez (performed with John Renbourn, Peter Lang, Ellis Paul); Bertram Lehmann (performed with Joe Zawinul, Rebecca Paris, Natraj); Chris Lopes (bassist with Nina Ott, Jeff Parker); Henrik Bridger (bassist with Makoto Takenaka); Julie Woods (performed with Roberta Flack, Livingston Taylor, Jeffrey Osborne).

Peter Janson, primarily a solo guitarist, created Beautiful Day, the first in a series of Peter Janson & Friends albums, as an artistic rendition of his belief that if we are to achieve true peace and joy in the world we must all learn to caringly and creatively work together. In addition to the captivating instrumentation, the vocalists only sing vowels and a few consonants, as a gesture of the recognition of the universal connections we all have in our most important form of communication, spoken language, and as a symbol of the hope that we can indeed have a future of beautiful days.

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